Wisdom teeth can get stuck, push on other teeth and cause a lot of pain if they are not removed. They can also lead to infection, and most people will have to get their wisdom teeth removed because there is not enough room in their mouth for an extra, large molar. 

Wisdom teeth extraction is a standard procedure, and if your dentist recommends this step, it would be wise to listen. Wisdom teeth, also called third molars, generally come in as early as age 14 and are the last teeth to emerge. These teeth usually do not have enough room and may turn sideways or become obstructed as a result. Wisdom teeth can also push on your other teeth if they are not removed, which is referred to as an impacted wisdom tooth. 

The younger the patient, the easier the surgery will be, and the recovery period will also be relatively quick.

Many individuals wonder why they need to remove their wisdom teeth, which is a natural concern. Very few people can leave their wisdom teeth in place, and most people will have to remove these teeth at some point. Impacted teeth are painful, and the following are reasons why you need to have them removed:

  1. Infection. As an impacted tooth starts to emerge, it will push through the gums and cause them to become infected and swollen.
  2. Crowding. Most people do not have enough room in their mouth for wisdom teeth, and these third molars will push your other teeth closer together and cause them to shift out of place. Your front teeth may even cross if they have nowhere else to go, which is highly problematic as crowding will negatively impact your smile.
  3. Cysts. A bag of fluid can form around incoming wisdom teeth, which can cause decay and displacement. 
  4. Damage to other molars. Impacted wisdom teeth can push on and rub against your second molar, which can cause severe damage to both teeth. 

All of these problems can be prevented if wisdom teeth are removed. Pain can be avoided, and extraction will ensure your other teeth do not suffer or become damaged due to your wisdom teeth. Many dentists will suggest pre-emptively removing wisdom teeth to avoid unnecessary pain and issues that an impacted tooth can cause.

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