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Are you looking for a dentist that provides dental implants in Sarnia? The team at Sarnia Dental Care is here to help! Feel free to give us a call to schedule a Free Consultation for Dental Implants. We’d be happy to go over your treatment options to help replace any missing teeth you may have! 

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants function as artificial replacements for the missing tooth’s root. Dental implants are considered the staple standard of prosthetic replacements for missing teeth in dentistry. This surgical procedure secures the dental implant into the jawbone and it fuses with bone over a duration of a few months. 

The dental implants are often designed by titanium or zirconium, two extremely strong and durable materials. Creating a strong, stable support system, the dental implants replace missing teeth and visible gaps to restore the overall appearance of the smile. Designed to look and function just like authentic, natural teeth, dental implants are a viable solution for missing and broken teeth. 

When/Why Should You Get Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a viable solution to replace a single tooth, several teeth and even all teeth. The purpose is to restore the healthy function of the teeth along with improving cosmetic aesthetics.

Dental implants can benefit patients with the following oral health issues:

  • Missing, cracked, deteriorating, or broken teeth that are unable to be repaired.

  • Impaired/difficult speech due to broken or missing teeth.

  • Uneven, misaligned bite.

  • Concerns surrounding dentures or dental bridges.

Gums and the mouth’s oral tissues have to be in healthy, optimal condition to tolerate the dental implant procedure. Therefore, patients who have not had problems with their gums are top candidates for the treatment. Any health conditions that can negatively impact how the jawbone heals would affect your candidacy for dental implant procedure.

In some situations, patients may require a bone graft planted onto the jawbone before dental implants to ensure the jaw is strong enough and there is sufficient bone to support the dental implants. Our dentists at Sarnia Dental Care will be able to help determine which path is best for your unique oral health condition. 

What Are The Advantages Of Dental Implants?

There are several advantages to dental implants for patients in Sarnia. The most common include the following:

  • Enhanced appearance: Dental implants look authentic and natural to fit right in with the rest of your teeth and enhance your smile overall. As they are designed to fuse naturally with the bone, they become permanent and indistinguishable from your other teeth.
  • Better speech: With dentures or dental bridges, the solution is temporary and can slip inside the mouth, causing you to slur, have confusing and mumbling speech. Dental implants reduce discomfort and slurred speech as the dental implants stay secure in place without slipping.
  • Upgraded comfort: Dental implants become a part of your entire mouth. They are comfortable and do not feel different from your regular teeth to eliminate any irritation or discomfort.
  • Refined oral health: Dental implants do not impact or alter the surrounding teeth, leaving more of your teeth intact and healthy in place. That can improve long-term oral health and support strong teeth and gum tissue. Individual dental implants allow easier, normal access between the other teeth, which does not hinder your ability to maintain your oral hygiene.
  • Durability: Dental implants are extremely durable, permanent and are designed to last a long time. With proper maintenance and dental hygiene, dental implants can last a lifetime.
  • Convenience: Removable dentures are temporary and just that, removable. Dental implants eliminate the need and worry about having to remove teeth when you’re eating or when you sleep. Dentures also require messy adhesives which are uncomfortable, unflattering and inconvenient.

How to Get Started with Dental Implants in Sarnia 

If you’re interested in getting Dental Implants in Sarnia, we’d be more than happy to offer you a Free Consultation for Dental Implants at Sarnia Dental Care! At your appointment, we’ll be able to assess your current oral health, provide treatment options, and go over any questions that you may have about the process.

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Dental Implants Sarnia

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