General dentist: Sarnia Dental Care can perform a wide range of dental procedures. This article will help you understand the types of procedures that may require a referral to other dental professionals.

Oral surgeons usually perform surgical procedures on patients, although general dentists can also perform surgery given the right credentials, training, and experience. General dentists must earn either a Doctor of Dental Surgery or Doctor of Dental Medicine degree, which would allow them to perform specific types of oral surgeries. 

General Dentist: Sarnia Dental Care

Many patients prefer to have their primary dentist perform any necessary oral surgeries and find it more convenient because they feel more comfortable in these situations.

There are three common types of oral surgeries that general dentists can perform, including the following:

  • Root Canal Therapy

This surgical procedure that general dentists perform on their patients is necessary when the pulp in a tooth is infected. Without proper treatment, the tooth will be lost, but you can rely on your general dentist; Sarnia Dental Care can provide this type of surgery.

  • Tooth Extractions

Any tooth can be extracted, but wisdom teeth are the most commonly extracted. Most general dentists perform simple tooth extractions, which refer to teeth visible above the gum line. These teeth are the easiest to remove. If the extraction is more complex, your dentist may refer you to a specialist. If you’re looking for a tooth extraction dentist, Sarnia Dental Care provides you with the treatment and direction required.

  • Dental Implants

For your next visit to the dentist, Sarnia Dental Care may help you by providing dental implants for cosmetic or functional purposes. Dental implants are a tooth replacement option growing in popularity. The dental implant is surgically inserted into the patient’s jawbone and once fully healed, your Sarnia dentist will place a crown or denture over the implant. This restoration will provide you with a natural-looking tooth replacement that matches your current set of teeth!

All dental patients can receive local anesthesia, so you should not feel a thing during the surgical procedures we have listed here. 

Every dentist is different, so you need to discuss the types of oral surgical procedures they perform. The types of procedures vary for each dental clinic, so it is a good idea to schedule a consultation to discuss your concerns. If you’re looking for a thorough dentist, Sarnia Dental Care will perform a comprehensive oral examination and recommend the procedure that would be suitable for your oral health needs.

Our team of dentists at Sarnia Dental Care will take the time to understand and help improve your oral healthcare. We are here to monitor your dental health for disease prevention and treatment, and help you improve your unique and beautiful smile! If you are looking for a reputable dentist in Sarnia, contact us today at 519-344-1866 for a free consultation, or visit our promotions page to learn how you can save on dental procedures.