There are many benefits to getting a dental implant to replace a missing tooth. Dental implants in Sarnia can help to restore chewing and talking functions, and they eliminate the worry of dentures moving or visible gaps in the mouth. Dental implants at Sarnia Dental Care also improve overall health. Here are some of the other benefits of getting an implant:

Benefits of Dental Implants at Sarnia Dental Care

One of the most significant benefits of dental implants at Sarnia Dental Care is their ease of maintenance. Just like natural teeth, dental implants require daily brushing and flossing, and the occasional mouthwash. They also require regular checkups to ensure there are no gum complications. Removable dentures, by contrast, require you to soak them in a cleaning solution at night. As an added bonus, dental implants at Sarnia Dental Care are the closest thing to a natural tooth replacement.

The implants are made of durable titanium or zirconium and are subject to periodontal disease just as your natural teeth are. You should maintain them with daily brushing and flossing, and visit your trusted dentist for regular cleanings. Most patients can’t even tell the difference between implants and their natural teeth! These tooth replacements also provide full chewing power and allow patients to eat and drink normally. Unlike dentures, implants do not require messy adhesives, and patients can keep them clean without worrying about damaging their natural teeth.

Success rate of dental implants

Dental implants have a high success rate compared to other tooth replacement procedures, with an overall success rate of 95 percent. However, patients with certain health issues or risk factors may not be good candidates. Specifically, smokers are at risk of gum disease and are not recommended for the procedure. Nonetheless, patients with healthy gums can benefit from dental implants at Sarnia Dental Care.

In most cases, dental implants last as long as they are well-cared for. To maximize the longevity of the implant, visit a dentist at least twice a year for a cleaning.

Cost of a dental implant

While a dental implant is the most effective way to replace a missing tooth, it is not necessarily the cheapest option in the short term. Dental implants require high quality materials and a more advanced surgery procedure. Here are a few factors to consider when determining your budget for your new dental implants.

Some procedures require the use of cadaver or X-rays. While cadaver bones are cheaper than human teeth, dental grafts are more costly and require more extensive preparation than cadaver bone. As a result, a dental implant that doesn’t include bone grafting can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,500 depending on the dentist’s skill level, experience and materials used. This amount would not include the restoration (crown) of the implant, but rather, just the implant surgery itself. Please contact Sarnia Dental Care for a Free Consultation for Dental Implants to learn more about your options and an exact quote for your unique oral health condition and case.

Maintenance of a dental implant

A dental implant can be an excellent option for replacing a missing tooth. However, like with any implant, it requires regular maintenance. In addition to daily brushing and flossing, you should visit a dentist to have it checked regularly. If you take proper care of your implant, you can expect it to last for many years. You may also need to have it replaced if the implant fails to last long enough.

After receiving a dental implant, you should make an appointment for follow-up visits with your dentist. A typical visit should take an hour, and you should schedule these visits multiple times per year as prescribed by your dentist. Your dentist will examine the implant and any peri-implant tissues. At each visit, you will have a checkup to make sure the implant is healing properly and to check for any issues. Your dentist will also check your gum health and make sure that your new tooth is looking great.

Dental Implants in Sarnia

With a missing tooth, you may be embarrassed about your smile and feel self-conscious when speaking. We want you to live at your happiest, healthiest, and most optimal version of yourself! 

A great starting point for feeling more confident when you are missing teeth is finding a replacement option—we provide Dental Implants for Sarnia residents to help them smile brighter and fuller, with a full range of dental services for the entire family. Get in touch today at 519-344-1866 to learn more!