Are you considering getting Invisalign in Sarnia? It is important to understand that not every orthodontic solution is one size fits all. Let’s go over the advantages of Invisalign treatment to make sure it’s the right option for you. While reading this, you should also keep your needs and diagnosis in mind since this will be important to make the best, most informed decision about your oral care, alongside your dentist or orthodontist. 

Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners which slip on top of your teeth and resemble thin, clear mouthguards. An impression of your teeth will be made either digitally or physically so that your Invisalign retainers fit perfectly. You will be given multiple sets of Invisalign trays to gradually switch to as the months of your treatment advance so that your teeth are moved slowly into their prescribed positions. Once your Invisalign treatment is finished, your teeth will be in the exact planned position to form your new smile!

Advantages of Invisalign for teens and adults

At Roseland Family Dental, you will be able to see the results of your Invisalign treatment before you even start, thanks to Invisalign’s new technology and clinic applications. Seeing your proposed treatment and smile before you begin can provide the confidence necessary to get started with treatment. You can also work with your dentist to change certain aspects of your proposed result and send the changes back to Invisalign. 

Once treatment has started, each set of aligners will be worn for one to two weeks. They are all created once the treatment begins, so you will already know how many aligners you will need to wear and how long the process will take before your teeth reach the desired position. 

The aligners are made from a very smooth plastic, which means they are very comfortable to wear throughout the day. There will be no metal brackets or wires for you to deal with as you would with traditional braces. These brackets and wires usually irritate your lips or cheeks, but you will not need to worry about that when you play sports or play an instrument. 

One of the major advantages of going with Invisalign is that they are removable, making them very convenient. You will be able to remove them when you are brushing or to floss your teeth. This means that your oral routine will not be interrupted. You will not need to try and clean around or in between brackets and wires. Plus, since you will not be eating with them in your mouth, you will not have any restrictions on your diet. 

Invisalign aligners are practically invisible, which is where they get their name! This is another significant benefit for most patients. The aligners are clear, moulded to fit perfectly onto your teeth, and nobody will be the wiser. This allows teens and adults to continue with their lives without feeling self-conscious about their smiles or dental appliances. This means you can keep your confidence throughout treatment!

If you’re interested in Invisalign, feel free to contact our office to schedule a Free Consultation for Invisalign with one of our Sarnia dentists. We’d be happy to show you what your smile may look like with Invisalign treatment!